I have specialized in SIPs construction since 2000.  SIPs enable me to build tighter, extremely comfortable, energy efficient homes.  SIPs provide excellent insulation values and a very strong structure without many of the potential problems of standard stick built constructed homes.

Sip Construction

In many cases, SIPs homes can be built quicker because they can be panelized and cut in the factory.  SIPs use less dimensional lumber, increasing the overall total R-Value of the wall system.  When using SIPs walls we can eliminate up to 70% of the 2×4 or 2×6 studs needed in an exterior wall assembly, greatly reducing a weak spot in conventional wall insulation.

Other benefits of SIPs include straight uniform walls, greater exterior wall system strength, and quieter homes.  SIPs reduce much of the outside street and neighborhood noises of everyday life.  SIPs are insect and mold resistant and their cores are recyclable.  SIPs also create less jobsite waste because each wall can be cut at the factory.  For more info on sips check out this link to ACH Foam Technologies.