I have been building homes that exceed Wisconsin Energy Star standards since 1999 and I’ve received several awards for Excellence in Building Air Tightness, as well as a Program Pioneer award in 2004.  In the past I have partnered with Focus on Energy and Wisconsin Energy Star Homes because of their excellent third party verification, modeling, and testing.  I will also build to other certified standards such as Green Homes, LEED, Passive House, or any others you request.

I never require customers to build certified homes, but at the very least I recommend third party verification and testing.  This will give you confidence that your home’s energy efficient mechanical systems and insulation are working properly.  I always strive to build the most energy efficient homes, using the latest energy efficient technologies and methods, while staying within your budget.

The best strategies for energy efficient homes start with your site layout and the exterior shell.  It is also important to use proper insulation and energy efficient building technologies.  Building modern well sited air-tight homes, with as much insulation as possible, significantly reduces infiltration, heating, and cooling losses.  This strategy will give you a comfortable home with much lower utility bills.  These energy efficient strategies will also help reduce your initial construction costs by reducing heating and cooling equipment sizing.  Smaller equipment costs less.  It is also important to introduce balanced amounts of fresh air to any well built energy efficient home.  This provides fresh healthy air for all occupants and also helps control indoor humidity.

I also have many years of experience installing and owning PV, wind, and solar domestic hot water renewable energy systems.  I can show you how to incorporate these and other renewable technologies into your home, and how it affects your budget.

During the planning stages, we like to use energy modeling software that calculates economic payback and yearly energy usage.  By modeling different energy efficient strategies, materials, and appliances, we can optimize the design and construction of your new home to keep initial building costs and yearly utility costs down.  Depending on your life style and comfort levels these design strategies can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your home.  Doing this during the planning stages is the best way to ensure the most bang for you buck.